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#9: Spotlight on: Holly Moore

May 21, 2021 Season 2 Episode 9
Central Chat
#9: Spotlight on: Holly Moore
Show Notes

Welcome to the next of our special 'guest host' feature episodes!

Our CEO Shaun takes the mic to chat to Holly Moore – CEO and Founder of local live events and brand communications agency, Make Events. 

The Make Events team have worked with big name clients including Puma, Vimto, Twitter, Autotrader, Booking.com, ITV, BetFred and Kellogg’s and since the start of the pandemic, they have pivoted to provide for even more clients.

Holly chats to Shaun about how the pandemic led to an expansion of the business beyond just events, how they recently hosted their own ‘Make Events Show’ to showcase their virtual event offering and how they’re managing business in 2021.

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