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#3: Spotlight on: Scruff of the Neck

March 17, 2021 Season 2 Episode 3
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#3: Spotlight on: Scruff of the Neck
Show Notes

In this new series, we put the spotlight on guests as they share their personal and professional experiences of doing business during a global pandemic.

Hosted by Digital Communications Executive, Samantha Pike-Devlin, episode three features Mark Lippmann - CEO of Scruff of the Neck - an award-winning Manchester based music group renowned for its UK live promotions, record label, publishing company and creative services businesses.

As a company that manages up and coming music artists, a huge majority of the work Scruff of the Neck do is centred on live events, gigs, concerts and performances so, when the pandemic took over the world last year, Mark and his team had to put their heads together and come up with innovative ideas to ensure the business survived ‘the new normal’.

The artists that Scruff of the Neck represent have appeared on stages across the world, including SXSW festival in Texas and New Colossus in New York, so the episode also highlights how Manchester is viewed by people across the world and what makes it so special.

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