Central Chat

#1: Spotlight on: Unite and Create

February 18, 2021 Manchester Central Season 2 Episode 1
Central Chat
#1: Spotlight on: Unite and Create
Show Notes

 We're back with our brand new spin-off series  ‘Central Chat’ – Spotlight On!

 2020 was a year of swift change as we all had to quickly learn to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

 In this new series, we put the spotlight on guests as they share their personal and professional experiences of doing business during a global pandemic.

 Join host Samantha Pike-Devlin, Digital Communications Executive at Manchester Central, for episode one of the series as she chats to Dan Laurence and Chris Hobson - founders of Unite and Create - about launching their new business during a global pandemic and their unique approach to the traditional agency model.

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 If you have an interesting story to tell about how you or your business have shifted focus or if you have any views on hot topics in the event industry at the moment then get in touch with podcast host, Samantha Pike-Devlin on info@manchestercentral.co.uk.