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Building a Career in the Events Industry

July 04, 2022 Manchester Central Season 3 Episode 6
Central Chat
Building a Career in the Events Industry
Show Notes

It’s no secret that over the last few years, the event industry has taken a hit when it comes to retaining talent due to the uncertainty that the pandemic brought to live events.

So, as one of the UK’s leading event venues, we wanted to shine a light on the topic and do our bit to showcase the many different roles that are available within the industry and share some steps to building your career as an event professional! 

In this episode, Samantha Pike-Devlin is joined by Lucy Pittaway, Senior Events Management Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and Rebecca Levett, who completed the placement year of her events management degree at Manchester Central and is now Event Manager and Host at Routes – organiser of world-renowned airline and airport networking events.

Lucy and Rebecca chat to Samantha about each step of the process - from education and training to developing and furthering skillsets. 

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